Lunos™ HRV, breath easy.

Lunos ™ HRV Systems replace stale, contaminated indoor air with fresh outdoor air with virtually no heat loss.

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introducing the Lunos e2™ HRV system

a revolutionary through-wall heat recovery ventilation now available in Canada


ensure a good night’s sleep

Poor air quality can impact our ability to have a restful night’s sleep.
Dust, Pollen, Mold, VOC's can restrict airways and disrupt nightly breathing.

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delivering a healthy home

Between home, work, school, 90% of our lives are lived in doors.
That’s why the quality of your indoor air is of utmost importance.

Lunos e2 ventilation with heat recovery

The Lunos e2™ HRV Systems

Introducing the Lunos™ ‘breathing wall’ ventilation technology. Lunos e2  replaces your indoor air while maintaining a comfortable temperature year-round.

This through-wall variableventilation system employs a ceramic regenerative heat-exchanger to provide continuous ventilation without the need for duct work.

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Lunos ego™

Lunos ego™ HRV is designed for optimum ventilation in small spaces.

Optimal for spaces under 150 sq.ft.

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Your indoor air can be many times worse than outdoor air.

Exchange your indoor air with Lunos. In the pursuit of keeping our homes insulated and energy efficient we have also sealed in molds, bacteria, fungus, VOCs, allergens, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, all inevitably contributing to the potential for illness.

Featuring Lunos e2 Ventilation System

Introducing the Lunos Smart Comfort™ System

The Smart Comfort™ Controls makes the Lunos™ HRV system even easier to use. Pre-set ventilation modes allow one-touch control over your rooms air supply. 

In addition to manual operation, the integrated humidity and temperature sensors also make it possible to program your Lunos™ HRV System to deliver your ideal environment.

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