Tested according to EN 13141-8 Conforming to standards: All device data of the ErP product data sheet and the energy labels have been determined according to EN 13141-8

LUNOS e² Standard System

 9.8” (248mm)

LUNOS e² Short System

6.8” (173mm)

new LUNOS e² neo System

now quieter and even more energy  efficient

introducing the e2 family

e² standard, e² short and the all new e² neo



Our LUNOS HRV family of ventilation systems are amazingly efficient and provide fresh air and healthy living environments to every room. LUNOS  has developed several HRV units.


For domestic applications, the LUNOS e² family consisting of the well-known LUNOS e² and e²short and now the all new LUNOS e²neo.


Sold in pairs.


* Please note that prices show are retail only. For commercial pricing please contact a Lunos sales representative.  See Services or Accessories for more information.


Occasionally, items may be out-of-stock or back-ordered. You will be alerted in both instances, and in the event of a backorder, you will be provided an approximate date of shipment.


Please note that we do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays or Canadian holidays.

e2 Series Manual

e2 Technical Information Sheet

In the pursuit of keeping our homes insulated and energy efficient we have also sealed in VOCs,


allergens, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, molds, bacteria and fungus, all inevitably contributing to the potential for illness.

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LUNOS, Ensuring health spaces while delivering outstanding energy savings


For more than 50 years LUNOS, has enjoyed an outstanding international reputation as a manufacturer of innovative and energy-efficient ventilation systems. LUNOS has not only asserted itself as market leader for energy-efficient ventilation systems world-wide operating in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.